Sunday, 13 May 2012

Thing 2

It has been a fun and busy week for me driving between Lampeter and Cardiff , between my 3 day first-aid course and attending concerts at the Vale of Glamorgan festival. The last concert at the BBC Hoddinott Hall, Wales Millennium Centre was truly amazing with beautiful Chinese traditional instrumentalists and a Beijing opera singer performing a wonderful piece by a French based Chinese composer Qigang Chen.  At the interval, my friend Sue said to me,' who would want to be anywhere else but here?' She did come all the way from New York to this incredible music festival in Wales which celebrates music of living composers in the world. I was also very fortunate to be able to spend some time with the Chinese musicians who are incredibly accomplished with their instruments. Chang Jing 常靜  - the Cheng player, Li Jia 李佳 - the Pipa player  and Wang Nan 王楠- the Erhu player are all top professional musicians in China and having spent a few days with them makes me feel as though I have known them all my life. My heart was moved and inspired by the sound of the ancient Chinese instruments which was familiar to me from my childhood as I was growing up in Taiwan. The composer, Qigang has worked with these Chinese musicians for many years and was very fond of them. He said to them, '我這輩子就為了你們了‘ (My life is only for you.) It was from the very bottom of his heart when he said this. I do hope Qigang will be able to write more music for these outstanding musicians. 親愛的朋友,希望此生能再相遇。。。

Thing 2: This is part of the 23 Things for Professional Development which I just signed up a week or so ago. It has already given me a great incentive to write on my blog, learn more about blogging as well as library related matters. I enjoyed reading blogs from Jen Gallagher, Penny Dreadful, Jemma Bennett, Dewey Decibelle and left some comments to them too! It was fun and I hope to interact more with other bloggers on the course. Another thing I will need to do soon is to work on my PPDP for the CILIP Chartership. Hopefully, I will be able to include this course in my Chartership portfolio.

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I'm Joseph, also doing CPD23. Good luck with the 23 Things and with your chartership.

As a Lampeter alumnus I'm glad to see someone from Lampeter's library involved in this.