Saturday, 19 May 2012

Thing 3

It was an interesting exercise to Google my own name and see what came up.
4 out of 10 entries at the front page were mine. My Facebook page came first, then two entries from my blog and my personal page as a research student at UCL. There were also other entries at the front page which were not mine. There are at least three different people have the same name as me! This prompted me to Google the domain name for and Nobody has taken these two domain names yet. Maybe, I should buy them quickly!!!
This week, I also decided to join Linkedin after reading some people’s blogs on the course. I now have 2 associates on Linkedin and am slowly finding out what else I can do there! I have also given some thought about personal branding which is the theme of this week. There are two things which I do intensively at the moment – working as a full-time librarian and studying as a part-time PhD student researching on the history of Chinese medicine. Therefore, I am ‘a librarian and a researcher of Chinese medicine’. Wow, sounds pretty good to me! :-)

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