Sunday, 27 May 2012

Thing 4

Current awareness - Twitter, RSS and Storify

This is perhaps a good time to 'revive' my twitter account which I set up in 2010. The world of twitter is still pretty alien to me, especially it goes against my principle of  an 'uncluttered mind'. So, I have not been putting any effort into twitter at all. However, I will give it a go again this time and try to follow a few library twitters recommended by the 23 Things for Professional Development online course which I am currently doing. 

I also started to use Google Reader for all my RSS feeds and tried to spend a few minutes each day reading some of the blogs and websites I follow. It is a little bit like reading emails but there is no pressure of replying to any of them!

Storify is completely new to me and I am excited about exploring this new on-line software. Last Wednesday, I attended a webinar on 'storytelling using technology'; Storify was mentioned there too!It looks like a really cool tool for gathering texts, photos, videos and everything else from the web and you can weave them into stories. I am keen to give it a go myself but don't feel I have a good story to tell yet. In the meantime, the weather has been so fantastic so I have been having a great time taking photos in the garden and playing the violin...

It is always fun to play some Irish tunes.
 John is already busying in the garden.
One of the two ponds in the garden
 Beautiful salad in the green house
 River Teifi
Our house is called Ty yfory meaning the house of Tomorrow.
Blue dragonflies
Bird feeder (not for squirrels!)
Back to the conservatory...


Anabel Marsh said...

I love your pictures, especially the poppies. I am also blogging for cpd23 here:

As part of Thing 4 I am trying out a new RSS reader. I've attempted this comment several times and keep getting it wrong! I hope it only arrives once.

Anabel Marsh said...

Lovely pictures! I like the poppies best. Forgive me, I am experimenting with a new RSS tool for Thing 4 and I keep losing my attempts at commenting. Apologies if you get this more than once. My blog is:

Anne Murphy said...

Fabulous photos - what a beautiful garden!