Saturday, 1 September 2012

Thing 11: Mentoring

At my last appraisal, Sally Wilkinson, who was my manager at that time, talked to me about becoming a Chartered Librarian. She also mentioned that she would be very happy to be my mentor. This was a generous offer under the circumstances as she was in the process of relocating to another university to become the head of the library there. I appreciated her taking this extra responsibility of mentoring somebody at her previous workplace and was grateful for her interest in my career and her professional guidance. This was a valuable opportunity for me and at the earliest opportunity, I registered for the CILIP chartership. I have now completed my PPDP (Personal Professional Development Plan). Sally continues to be my mentor for the CILIP chartership. With her support, I intend to complete the necessary training and to give a satisfactory report for assessment at the end of the process.

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