Sunday, 17 June 2012

Thing 7: real-life networks

The homework for this week's 23 Things for Professional Development is about real-life networks and to talk about my own experience with professional organisations.

The only official and professional organisation I belong to is CILIP. I joined CILIP when I was a postgraduate student reading Librarianship at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 2001-2. Unfortunately, I did not keep up with my membership with CILIP and so after a few years, I stopped being a member. I was working part-time as a library assistant and did not see much point of paying for its membership just for the sake of it. However, I became a Subject Librarian last year at the library where I have been working since 2003 and decided to join CILIP again in order to develop my professional knowledge and skills for my current post. I was also encouraged by my ex-manager to apply for CILIP Chartership who was happy to be my mentor. Feeling immensely lucky and blessed, I immediately registered as a candidate for CILIP Chartership. This course is part of the process of my Chartership and I am so excited to be on the course.  I have been learning many interesting things that are related to this profession and I hope that I will be able to keep up with the course which has been a wonderful learning experience for me. 

In Thing 6, I learned about LISNPN and found it very useful, especially I was able to download some useful resources including samples of other people's Chartership portfolios! I would also like to be part of an organisation for Chinese librarianship. The European Association of Sinological Librarians (EASL) is the one that I would really like to be involved and so I will find out more about it and see if I could join them. That will be really cool for me :-)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Thing 6: Online networks

Like many of the participants on 23 Things for Professional Development course, my facebook is private and only for friends and families. I joined Linkedin a few weeks ago and it focuses on my work as a librarian and a researcher for the history of Chinese medicine. I do like the idea of having a ‘professional’ present on the Internet; therefore, Linkedin is a very good platform. I am still finding my way in the world of twitter and not sure if I have the time to ‘work on’ it and make it effective though I am open-minded about it.

I also learned about Pinterest from the other participants on the course which I have never heard about before. It looks interesting and I will certainly want to look into it a bit more.

CILIP communities: I just registered as a member of CILIP and at the moment, I am working towards my Chartership. Therefore, this on-line network is very useful for me and I am hoping to find other people who are also doing their chartership! 


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Thing 5 - Reflective Practice

The theme for this week on 23 things for professional development is ‘reflective practice’. It has been a truly wonderful week – having a tutorial with my supervisor at UCL, being invited to Buckingham Palace and leading my very first Daoyin workshop with my Taiji teacher. Everything felt so calm and beautiful and now I can spend a bit of time reflecting on ‘the things’ I have learned so far from the course.  
Thing 1: creating a blog – This was easy because I already set up my blog three years ago when I decided to write to my parents in Taiwan in Chinese over the Internet, though I am now using this blog specifically for the cpd-23 course. I hope that I will get into a habit of writing blogs which could be part of my reflective practice. Thing 2: explore other blogs and get to know other cpd-23 participants - It is really wonderful to be able to read other people’s blogs on the course and learn good tips and advice from them. Some of the writings are so good and I have been really enjoying reading them. Thing 3: Consider your personal brand – two things came out of thing 3 for me and that is I joined Linkedin and already have 12 connections on my Linkedin page. I also designed my personal name card that week - a librarian and a researcher of Chinese medicne is my 'brand' . Thing 4: Current awareness - Twitter, RSS feeds and Storify. To be honest, I still have not got into the habit of using either twitter or RSS feed. It will take some time for me to get used to them and I am happy to let things grow organically! Storify looks  interesting but I can’t really see the advantage of using it if a blog can do more or less the same thing! Thing 5: Reflective practice – The reason for working through cpd-23 is that I just registered for my CILIP chartership and the course is to get me focus on library-related topics. So, I hope I will carry on with the course and would like to include it in my portfolio. 
Oh! Here are some photos from Buckingham Palace…
John, Harriet and Dolly (in pink) at Buckingham Palace
John with his MBE medal