Monday, 29 September 2008


這是我第一個部落格(Blog). 希望爸爸, 媽媽, 哥哥, 大姐, 二姐和我的親戚朋友能在這裏看到我的生活近況. 我會經常在這裡寫中文給你們. 希望你們常來拜訪.

這是我去德國所拍的照片 (23/08/2008-06/09/2008) -

上星期六(27/09/2008) 天氣特別好. 我和John 出門騎腳踏車到Aberystwyth. 來回總共38哩. 這是我那天拍的照片 -



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Mei K said...

Thank you, Dolly, for sharing these lovely family pictures with us. It is interesting to see that James has become a handsome young man. The pictures of your cookies and apple pie are very attractive. Your bike trip tells us that both you and John are in a great shape and good health; so are your bike friends. It is wonderful that we can get a glimpse of your happy life style.

Take care.

Mei Kleine